Desi Dobreva’s new song “DVAMA”

Desi Dobreva released her version of the emblematic song “Dvama” /The Two/ of Maria Neykova. The arrangement of the song is the work of Desi herself in a co-operation with her long-standing associate Aleks Nushev.

The song sounds extremely gentle and with deep emotion. The brilliant guitar solos, performed by Nushev himself and the melancholic calls of the Neno Iliev’s accordion, make us to stop for a moment and think about the person next to us. With the song “DVAMA” Desi wants to recall Maria Neykova’s creativity, as well as to inspire a “new life” to the beautiful old Bulgarian songs.

For the video, Desi again trusted to the producer Ivan Dimitrov-Torex, whose stylish and cleared-up vision entirely contributes to the subtle presenting of this song, turned it into the anthem of love. The song “DVAMA” is the New Year’s wish of the singer Desi Dobreva for everyone, who in this divided time are in love or are looking for his soulmate.


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