The New Hit – “This Night!“

This night is an inspired and fresh hit filled with a romance which makes you feel the sand sticking to your feet and the salt on your cheeks – even if you are in a tram! Desi Dobreva’s This night will stop the time to send you into the parallel reality of those days when you were really in love, truly happy, real …
Boldly rated as The Hit of Summer 2017, the new song of Desi Dobreva excites, evokes reminiscences, urges you to a life full of honesty, warmth and sense. And the sea – it is the eternal background of every unforgettable adventure.
This Night will make you dream, love, believe!
It’s Summertime! This night! With Desi Dobreva!

“This Night” is the result of the collaboration between Desi Dobreva and Yavor Roussinoff, who worked with Kurt Hauenstein, Supermax, Vox, Chaka Khan, Falco, Boney M, Jose Feliciano, Horst Chmela and many others. The lyrics are written by Nevena Roussinova, the producer is Desi Dobreva herself. The director of the video is Vasil Stefanov, and the author of the concept is Stefka Nikolova. It was realised with the indispensable help of Veselina Smochevska (make-up), Daniel Mladenov (hair-stylist), Avgustina Markova (styling), Mariyan Gebov (florist), Neli Kurteva (photographer).
The video was shot in partnership with V-TAC Europe Ltd., who appreciated the light nuances of the song and willingly joined the project.


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