GURBETCHIYA – Desi Dobreva’s new song

GURBETCHIYA – Desi Dobreva’s new song is already a fact. A long-conceived project that found its supporters in the face of musicians Kalin Momchilov, Alex Nushev, Julian Janev and Yordan Danev, as well as the director Ivan Dimitrov – Torex. The video for the song was shot at the skirts of Rila Mountain, where the beautiful virgin nature and white silence delight the eye of the viewer, and the gentle accompaniment in guitar and mandolin caresses the listener’s senses. “I wanted to create a finer arrangement that emphasizes the beautiful melody and captivating lyrics, and that is in tune with the nostalgic mood of the song,” said Desi, author of the arrangement. Participants in the video are both actors Mary Savova and Ivan Traykov. With the song “Gurbetchia” Desi Dobreva wants to remind her compatriots around the world that someone is waiting for them at home and that there is no better place than home.


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