Desi Dobreva’s MARIKU – a new hit song is coming !

Desi Dobreva’s new song “MARIKU” is emerging as the new summer hit song – with its deep club sound, memorable refrain and fresh video starring comedian Nencho Ilchev, donkey Marko and paraglider in the sky with Desi herself !

In the video, Nencho takes on the role of a lustful “village bachelor” who chases the singer through the fields. The director of the video is Ivan Dimitrov – Torex, with whom Desi has been working for the last two years. The lyrics and part of the melody are by the singer herself, and the arrangement is again in collaboration with Yavor Roussinoff.

Listen to MARIKU:


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Music: Desi Dobreva and folklore

Lyrics: Desi Dobreva and folklore

Arrangement: Desi Dobreva and Yavor Roussinoff


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