“PEI MI SE” – the new ONLINE project of Desi Dobreva

 “PEI MI SE” – the new ONLINE project of Desi Dobreva

Desi Dobreva promised her admirers 365 songs for the New 2022 ! Every day the singer will perform one song that will be uploaded to her social networks. An important part in the project are Desi’s fans, whose role is to offer favorite songs they would like to hear. The initiative began on January 1, 2022 in Dobreva’s social networks with the Bulgarian song “Nashiat Grad” /Our City/.

Here’s what DESI shares about the project :

“I wanted to start “PEI MI SE” /It Sings To Me/ last year, but it was, obviously, the right time now. Every day I will sing a song, with which I will congratulate everyone who hears it; that is, starting from January 1, I will sing 365 songs by the end of the year. I decided this because, as a first, it sings to me and second – in support of all those artists who lost their possibility for expression in theirs amplitude because of the anti-epidemic measures and the situation, in which we live, and third – to raise the spirit of all of us, together.

Yes, the situation is unusual and definitely unpleasant, but everybody has to go the way destined and it is better to make it with a highly raised head and with a big smile. Together, when supporting one another, we can do everything and overcome everything.”

You can watch Desi’s performances in her social networks.


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Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3ymq4uT

AppleMusic: https://apple.co/3oLzJbj 

Deezer: https://bit.ly/31XhOFy 

Tidal: https://bit.ly/3pV5MEW


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