Desi Dobreva with а book “Personal & Tasty”!

Desi Dobreva with а book “Personal & Tasty”!

The book has a GIFT – the double CD album “LUDO  MLADO” !

Desi Dobreva’s first book is an extremely personal book prepared with much love and desire – contains 87 author’s recipes, along with 87 personal stories as well as advices from the personal practice of the singer for good shape. And last but not least – photos from her personal Archive! All recipes are prepared, cooked and photographed by Desi, as well as the whole book is personally written by her with her inherent sense of humor.

Here’s what Desi said about the book itself:

«I am Desi Dobreva. I hope you know me well as a musician and singer. In the book “Personal & Tasty”, I manifest in a new area for me – the culinary. I like to make experiments in the kitchen and, along with traditional, I like to prepare interesting non-traditional dishes, most times invented by me or simply crafted, in my quest to provide for everyone at home healthy, light and useful food. In this book, I share some of these recipes as well as my rules for a healthy and happy life. To any recipe, and they are exactly 87 in number, there is also a fun story from my life, and you can finally find unpublished photos from my personal archive. Have a nice reading, cooking and eating! »

With the book “Personal & Tasty” you get the double CD album “LUDO MLADO”.

Order «Personal & Tasty» + “LUDO MLADO”  HERE, ZELEN, CIELA, OZONE


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